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Car break ins continue
Posted on Jan 5th, 2021
This is a reminder for everyone be diligent to keep doors locked.
Do not keep valuables inside a car.
Original Water Heaters & Water Shutoff Values
Posted on Feb 26th, 2020
Original Water Heaters
  • If you have an original water heater then this is a URGENT WARNING!
  • These water heaters are over twenty years old and many have started leaking
  • One was just reported recently and it cause damage to your unit and your downstair neighbor's
  • We are hoping that there are no more in service
  • Each home owner is responsible for the cost of this maintenance
Please, please Please, replace your original water heater BEFORE it starts leaking.
This is a WHEN and NOT an IF situation.
Main Water Shutoff Valve
  • Each unit has a main water shutoff valve
  • The valve is located in the same closet as your water heater
  • My valve is blue and it is on the pipe coming out of the wall
  • These valves have broken in the off and the on positions
  • A plumber needs to replace these valves
  • When broken then the entire building's water must be shut off in order to replace the unit's valve
    • This needs to be scheduled and other residences notified
  • If you replace the value before it breaks then another value may be inserting inline after the old valve
    • Shut off the water with the old valve
    • The plumber takes the piping apart in order to insert a new valve
    • The old valve it opened and the valve handle is remove
    • Now the new valve can be used to shut off the water
  • The board recommends every unit have a new valve inserted
  • You may alternatively insert what I call a Smart Valve
    • Flo by Moen is the only one of which I am currently aware
    • These will detect water leakage and automatically perform a water shutoff
    • They have the ability to notify you on your smart phone with an APP
    • You can remotely shutoff your main water with your phone
  • Each home owner is responsible for the cost of this maintenance
Packages stolen
Posted on Feb 3rd, 2018
There have been more reports of packages stolen from the front door of the units.
  • Amazon has a locker system at the local 7-11 Convenience store down the street. I had thought they had removed it but just saw it on 6/2019.
  • Some shipping services can be instructed to keep the package at a local Sunnyvale office for pickup.
A word about electric vehicles
Posted on Apr 4th, 2016
I'd like to remind home owners that not all garages have the capacity to charge electric vehicles.